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Elite Betting Syndicate Review – What to Know Before We Join!

horse racing elite betting syndicate

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Are you trying to find the simplest program which will offer you genuine odds? Have you ever been dreaming of earning money online?

Honestly we will say that this is often the simplest review that you simply found today. Get to find out about the leading bet site that helps you create huge profits within a given period of your time.

It’s all about Elite Betting Syndicate. A racing tips service that claims to possess genuine details via a stable connection pure legit and no scams in the least.

horse racing elite betting syndicate


Elite betting Syndicate, what’s it?

Elite Betting Syndicate may be a long-standing racing tipster service that the marketing material says offers knowledgeable betting service to subscribers.

In other words, we will say that Elite Betting may be a racing betting service that gives daily tips for UK racing.

It is managed by a team of betting professionals and has been running since 2009. They apparently use a mixture of statistical analysis and thorough racing knowledge garnered from being race horse owners.

It’s quite amazing program that delivers exactly what it promises. This text is supposed for you read it all and obtain to reveal more about this program as you think that of investing your money for better profits.

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How does it work?

This quite interesting subtopic for us to linger over . Let’s just get into details and obtain to ascertain how this program really works.

The Elite Betting Syndicate team is really rather open about what the choice process for this program entails which is refreshing. so as to know this, you’ve got to first check out their claimed background in both horse ownership also as statistical analysis.

All of this has supposedly close to permit them to form a number of the simplest selections within the business. As you’ll probably deduce, the implication that the past of the Elite Betting Syndicate team is that they know people on the within.

This allusion is confirmed with connections in stables supposedly in situ across the country. What this tells us is that the program has full knowledge on what they need to supply to its customers.

This is combined with sophisticated data analysis techniques, and general racing knowledge. By combining these two sources, the team say that they’re ready to find the simplest possible selections.

horse racing elite betting syndicate

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What does the program has got to offer?

Unlike other horse betting program this is often a single program that gives you quit variety of things which will offer you assurance of what you’re betting for.

The team behind it ask Elite Betting Syndicate as helping you to earn a second income and once they say that they aren’t a get-rich-quick scheme, you think the copy. What they are doing say that Elite Betting Syndicate offers is profitable, consistent and thoroughly researched betting tips.

This is what you get from this program.

  • The service provides selections on a near day to day with the ideas sent directly out via email, usually the evening before race day allowing many time to bet.
  • The volume of selections is about in line with what I might expect from most racing tipster services.
  • Another thing is that the Elite Betting Syndicate team actually offers advice of between 1-3 selections per day or 50-120 per week.
  • The program uses A level stakes of 1 point for all of their bets. This means that every way bets are literally 0.5 points each way.


What is the price of Elite Betting Syndicate’s Tips ?

horse racing elite betting syndicate

Every time a product or a thought involves your mind the primary thing, you need to consider is that the cost of that product or program if we may say. Therefore, this product cost relatively cheap which the rationale on why it’s doing quite well within the market.

If you check in today, you’ll trial their tips for just £1.00 for your first 10 days. Then, if you would like to continue taking the advantage of their service, the value is £39 plus VAT. This is often billed monthly until you select to cancel your membership which you’ll do at any time.


Why should one choose Elite Betting Syndicate over other programs?

Before you made the decision to prefer to this review I’m quite sure you had omitted other reviews and you had your own reasons that made you to settle on this review for this program… right?

The same way when it involves products you’ve got reasons why you select to shop for a particular program over the opposite, why to prefer one product to subsequent. This is often because there’s what good you see in it than within the other programs.

That why during this section I would like to offer you reasons on why, you ought to choose this program over other tip stars.

  • The ease of use factor: There are around 3 tips per day which are sent out the night before racing, so many time to urge your bets on and a really manageable workload.
  • Low subscription cost: The subscription fees are £1 for first 10 days then £39+VAT per month.
  • The strike rate: The strike rate for the trial was 33%, which is sweet and means there are generally a daily supply of winners.
  • Availability of prices: the costs do tend to maneuver in quite considerably, which is probably not surprising given the recognition of the service, so having multiple bookmakers accounts hospitable you’ll certainly be on plus.
  • The fifth factor is that the advised betting bank: just by the utilization of a 50 point bank for the trial is sufficient within the end of the day. Bearing in mind staking is 1 point level stakes and with a 33% strike rate.

horse racing elite betting syndicate


Where you’ll buy Elite Betting Syndicate?

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I hope you’ve got already made you decision on this program. This program is very recommended, and that I think you ought to choose it to form huge profits.

The team behind the selections at Elite Betting Syndicate are all professional bettors, with backgrounds in racehorse ownership, and statistical analysis.

With their deep knowledge of racing, backgrounds in data analysis, and connections too many stables including Yorkshire, Somerset and New market, they’re ready to provide UK racing tips that consistently make a profit for his or her members.

This is the proper program for you.



  • The program is straightforward and straightforward to follow.
  • The program has proved to be not only efficient but effective too.
  • the very fact that you simply get to possess your odds as early as each day before the race gives you sufficient time to put your bet.
  • you’re bound to a 60 day a refund guarantee just in case you’re not satisfied with the program.
  • the merchandise offers you prices that always available that’s the costs tend to maneuver quite considerably.



  • Sometime it’s difficult to urge advised odds which can affect your profit.
  • it’s a web program and thus, you would like an online connection for you to access it.



Elite Betting Syndicate may be a team of betting professionals with backgrounds in statistical analysis, and racing horse ownership. They launched their website in 2015 and have since built up a robust base in helping individuals make money online via race betting.

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