Betting on corners – what you have to know?

Betting on corners – what you have to know?

You’d be surprised how many people love to bet on corners in football. The essence of this bet is simple – you must guess how many corners there are in a match, over or under a specific number. Today in our free betting systems, we will explain to you what you must know for this strategy.

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We can name five specific factors you must be aware of when betting on corner kicks. Let’s dive into them and have a discussion.


Offensive tactics

Offensive tactics are a crucial factor when it comes to corner kicks. Teams who love to attack are getting more corners than teams who like to defend.

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Defensive tactics

And here’s the opposite – when teams defend more, there are fewer situations in the penalty areas, which means fewer corner kicks. Quite logical, right?

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The clearing lines teams

It’s quite typical for some teams to clear away the attacks all of the time, not caring much if they are going to concede a corner kick or not. It would help if you had an idea which teams these are.


Size of the pitch

We’ve noticed that when there is a larger pitch, which means a greater width of the touchline, there are more corner kicks as well.


The weather factor

Sometimes the weather affects these situations as well. When it’s windy weather, there are usually more corner kicks. When it’s rainy, it waterlogs the pitch, so there are fewer corner kicks.


These are some of the most critical factors you must consider when betting on the number of corner kicks in a game. We can advise you to think about everything when you make this type of bet in our free betting systems. All factors could be significant, so study well the circumstances and make the right decision. We wish you good luck!