Basel – Eintracht Frankfurt – Prediction with Analysis 06.08.2020

Basel vs Eintraht Frankfurt prediction with analysis photo

So here is our verified soccer prediction for today and it is for the match between the teams of Basel and Eintracht Frankfurt.

Eintracht has not lost in 5 consecutive games.

Basel played 3 days ago.

Basel made it 0-0 in a match against Luzern just 3 days ago. He was for the championship of the last round of the Super League. A duel is irrelevant, as it has long been clear that Basel will finish 3rd. Accordingly, Kohler allowed himself to release more reserves. However, the fatigue in the team has accumulated lately due to the intensive program, but this is unlikely to be a problem against Eintracht, given the result of the first meeting.

Basel vs Eintracht prediction with analysis photo

Eintracht are in far better shape than they were before the first match with Basel.

The truth is that these two teams are quite equal, but a victory with 3 clear goals at 0, when there is nothing to lose is not something unusual in European tournaments. The successes of Roma and Liverpool in recent years will remain an example of this for a very long time. Eintracht lost 0-3 after the first meeting and had to figure out a way to beat Basel to advance.

Basel vs Eintracht Frankfurt prediction with analysis photo

Eintracht are in a very difficult situation in this match.

Basel – Eintracht Frankfurt, Europa League prediction Expert opinion: On the one hand the situation with the guests is quite difficult, and on the other hand it is not, because they really have nothing to lose. A lot of time has passed since the first match and they should have experienced a mental relegation from the Europa League a long time ago. At such moments, some teams, in fact, can show the best of themselves, especially if the opponent underestimates the match. We think that this is quite possible today, so we will bet on the Germans, but we will secure a double chance – Draw or Eintracht at 1.60 odd.


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